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Fortinet is making an education-focused version of its Security Awareness and Training service available at no cost to K-12 school boards and private schools across Canada. The SaaS-based service offers timely and current awareness training on today’s cybersecurity threats. It helps build a cyber-informed culture where education staff recognize and avoid falling victim to cyberattacks. Content for K-12 schools in Canada is offered in both French and English, among other languages.

The school boards and private schools can set campaigns and select which modules to deploy to education staff at intervals they choose, making the content fully customizable. The training comprises 20 modules, including Bad Actors for Educators, Data Privacy for Educators, Insider Threats for Educators, Mobile Security for Educators, Social Engineering for Educators, Social Media for Educators, and more.

Research from Fortinet’s 2023 Security Awareness and Training Global Research Brief shows that, for the education sector:


of education institutions experienced one or more breaches during the last 12 months


see the benefits of cybersecurity training to better protect their schools


believe increased cybersecurity awareness for all education staff reduces cyberattacks

What's Included

Intuitive Administration and Management Portal for Administrators

Purpose-built to align to NIST 800-50 and NIST 800-16 guidelines, the service provides a turnkey offering including an intuitive administrative interface for campaign building, monitoring, and reporting. Certificates of Completion are issued to those learners who complete the training.

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Awareness and Training for Staff and Faculty

Training Modules

Quizzes and Knowledge Checks

Micro and Nano Reinforcement Videos

Awareness Assets

Key Benefits

Security Awareness and Training Service Awards & Recognitions

2023 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards Winner 2023 Global InfoSec Awards Winner 2023 CyberSecurity Breakthrough Award Winner
2023 CyberSecurity Excellence Award Winner for Best Security Awareness Program 2023 Global InfoSec Award Winner for Best Security Awareness Training 2023 CyberSecurity Breakthrough Award Winner for Best Security Awareness Training Platform