Effective Ways to Improve Creditworthiness

There are effective ways to improve our creditworthiness , but at the very beginning it is worth being patient. Increasing creditworthiness is a process and in some cases the first effects may be visible only after a few months (as in the case of people who have long delays in payments and bad credit history).

Especially for our readers, we have prepared a list of effective ways to increase your creditworthiness. Here they are:


Reduce the cost of maintaining a household

Do not request credit for many banks

Banks when determining the cost of maintaining a household are guided by a pre-determined minimum. Lowering costs to an acceptable level will reduce our monthly costs taken into account when calculating your creditworthiness.


If your spouse has a bad credit history, separate the property

In this case, the bank will not take our spouse into account when determining creditworthiness.


Choose a uSmile Credit

Only a few years ago, to take out a loan in a foreign currency, you did not have to have high creditworthiness (loans in uSmile Credits were more expensive). Currently, this trend is reversed (especially after the recent increase in franc exchange rate), and when calculating creditworthiness, banks inflate the costs related to currency conversion. Loans in uSmile Credits are more secure and cost-effective.


Increase turnover on the current account

A particularly effective way in the context of investment loans. Frequent receipts to the account significantly increase the creditworthiness.


Use additional bank products

Use a refinancing loan

The so-called cross-selling, i.e. sale of additional products (deposits, insurance, etc.) to the main product, may result in obtaining preferential credit by lowering the interest or margin.


Use a refinancing loan

It involves transferring existing loans to another, cheaper bank. Lower installments increase your creditworthiness.


Do not request credit for many banks

A large number of inquiries may reduce our scoring in BIK and reduce the chance of getting a loan. It is best not to submit more than three applications to three different banks.


If you are an employee of the public trust sector, use your privileges

Some banks consider the income stated in the statement without thoroughly checking the data. We do not encourage such practices, however, a slight lowering of the cost of living will increase our creditworthiness.


Use the government program Flat for the Young

Check which type of loan will give you the desired creditworthiness

Additional government support in the form of co-financing for own contribution (mortgage loan reference) will also improve our creditworthiness.


Do not show more than you must

Apart from obligations in calculating creditworthiness, banks also take into account other costs related to our maintenance. Regularly making payments by card or bank transfer informs the bank about our monthly average expenses, which will most likely be taken into account when determining creditworthiness.


Check which type of loan will give you the desired creditworthiness

The cheapest loan, i.e. a mortgage, requires an own contribution and security in the form of a mortgage. Some types of loans (eg investment loan) can only be obtained on the basis of the current account turnover.




Bankers and financial advisors are the same people as us. On many issues, we can negotiate more attractive terms, for example by reducing interest rates or credit margins.

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