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Cybersecurity for Financial Services

As high-value targets, financial services institutions are continually being attacked, making it difficult to move from a reactive cybersecurity stance to a proactive one. The Fortinet Security Fabric provides an integrated cybersecurity mesh platform that covers all aspects of the business, from the trading floor, to the data center, to the branches, to the cloud. This ensures consistent security across the entire organization. 

Security for Modern Transactions

Financial services institutions face mounting challenges from several directions at once. The Fortinet Security Fabric offers a solution that includes leading-edge machine learning and AI technologies, providing timely and consistently top-rated protection and actionable threat intelligence.

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Fortinet Financial Services Cybersecurity Solutions

Fortinet uniquely converges networking and security features in FortiOS, the industry’s most mature and prolific operating system. Delivering convergence via a single operating system enables efficient operations and ensures that user experience and security are consistent no matter where users or applications are distributed.

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An Open Ecosystem for Financial Services

To address today’s complex financial services environments, an open cybersecurity ecosystem that unifies multi-vendor solutions is required. Fortinet has the largest ecosystem in the industry with more than 500 partners. These include technology partners, threat Intelligence partners, tools for DevOps, and partners for automation.


Improving End-user Experience

Customers expect a seamless and personalized experience

Complex Networks

Non-integrated security products operate in silos and cannot effectively respond to threats

Cloud Adoption

Forced acceleration to cloud results in a variety of amplified security risks

Expanding Attack Surface

Executive teams need to ensure resiliency, compliance, and security effectiveness

Ineffective Application and Network Segmentation

Current segmentation approaches fall short, enabling threats to spread

Cost Reduction

Limited cybersecurity budgets require strategic financial and human resource allocation

Fortinet Differentiators for Financial Services Cybersecurity

Convergence of Network & Security
Tightly integrated network infrastructure and security architecture is more effective.
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Secure SD-Branch
Enables better security and network performance from the switching infrastructure to the data center.
Visibility Protection
Content Inspection Architecture
A virtual perimeter spans corporate data centers, multiple clouds, IoT devices, and more.
icon cloud security
Fortinet Cloud Security
Transforms business across banking, capital markets, insurance, and payments.
icon benefits sase
FortiSASE ensures secure access regardless of where users, workloads, devices, or apps are located.

Case Studies

The company needed a high-performance, scalable solution that could empower the networking operations group to deploy hundreds of teleworking devices concurrently."
- U.S. Multinational Financial Services Institution
Scalability was a big concern for the company, as was the ability to integrate with the team’s chosen automation platform—Red Hat Ansible. Fortinet’s robust representational state transfer (REST) API enabled a deeper and more robust Ansible integration than other solutions that were considered, and FortiGate next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) delivered superior performance and scalability. Additionally, the Fortinet team was very responsive to requests for support and new features. An internal analysis projects $100 million in cost savings and efficiency gains in five years from deployment of FortiGate next-generation firewalls (NGFWs).
- One of the World’s Largest Financial Institutions
With Fortinet, we were able to achieve 30% CapEx savings on cybersecurity investments against comparable solutions, a notable figure as we strived to achieve agility and cost-efficiency in our IT operations.”
- Director of IT and Strategic Infrastructure, Vietnamese Bank
We have effectively cut our outages in half. The proof is in the pudding that Fortinet Secure SD-WAN does what it is supposed to do.”
- Joe Mogelinski, Senior Network Engineer, USI Insurance Services

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