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FortiSIEM is designed to be the backbone of your security operations team, delivering capabilities ranging from automatically building your inventory of assets to applying cutting edge behavioral analytics to rapidly detect and respond to threats. FortiSIEM is the industry’s only security operations platform with a fully inbuilt configuration management database (CMDB).


Unified NOC/SOC/OT Visibility and Analytics

With its CMDB, FortiSIEM can automatically leverage active and passive methods of discovery to build your asset inventory. This includes devices and their applications, and it tracks the state of those assets over time. Continuously collecting context such as configurations, performance, vulnerability, their relationship to business services, and their Purdue model OT associations so teams know the state of the environment when an incident arises. And they have the visibility needed to fix problems proactively.

Next-Generation SOC Automation

FortiGuard Labs threat intelligence experts work 24x7 to analyze the latest threats and build mitigations extremely fast. Combined with the latest AI-driven behavior anomaly detection capabilities such as UEBA, FortiSIEM protects against both known and unknown threats. Statistical models are leveraged to pick up deviations both strange and impossible, such as logins across geographical regions that would require superhero speeds (or stolen credentials).


New: Visual Threat Hunting Through Link Analysis

FortiSIEM brings together visibility, correlation, automated response, and remediation in a single, scalable solution. It reduces the complexity of managing network and security operations to effectively free resources, improve breach detection, and even prevent breaches. To power more effective threat hunting, FortiSIEM now includes new link graph technology which allows for easy visualization of relationships between users, devices, and incidents.

Features and Benefits

The modern SOC requires a SIEM light years beyond log aggregation, simple correlation rules, and compliance, but those basics are still important.

Self-Learning Asset Inventory

Passive & active discovery methods, use of agents, FortiGates, & OT asset management systems

Real-Time Security Analytics

Leverages over 1600 out-of-the-box rules and mapped to MITRE ATT&CK

Industry-Leading Threat Intelligence

Driven by over 500 researchers and AI fed by the world’s largest array of sensors

Streamlined Investigations

Streamlined workflows with recommended playbooks and threat hunting capabilities

Deep Fabric Integration

Security Fabric integration across the Fortinet portfolio, and third-party solutions via robust APIs

Continuous Compliance

3500+ reports out of the box for on-demand, self-service, & read only audit investigations

1 Million+

Events Per Second


Out-of-the-Box Rules


Out-of-the-Box Reports

FortiSIEM Use Cases

Converged IT/OT SOC
FortiSIEM’s inbuilt CMDB synchs to OT asset systems and uses passive techniques for no-impact discovery, plus Purdue classification context.
icon automated workflow
FortiSIEM as SaaS lets Fortinet take on the burden of deployment and software administration.
Connected Device
FortiSIEM’s lightweight agent is perfect for collecting telemetry to track user behavior anamolies—even when disconnected and working remotely.
icon data center
FortiSIEM offers hardware and highly scalable virtual machines for those who prefer these solutions.
Easy-to-manage automation in a single pane of glass integrates public and private cloud protections.
Hybrid Cloud Connectivity
Our hybrid approach enables combining SaaS, cloud, VM, and HW in whatever combination you need.

Enterprise Analyst Validation

ESG Economic Validation on Fortinet SecOps Fabric
ESG Economic Validation: The Quantified Benefits of Fortinet Security Operations Solutions. Improved security team operational efficiency and reduced risk to the organization, each by up to 99%. Written by Aviv Kaufmann, Practice Director and Principal Economic Validation Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. July 2023
The Quantified Benefits of Fortinet Security Operations Solutions
As enterprises evolve, new technologies emerge, and cybercriminals introduce more sophisticated attacks, security leaders and their teams face a variety of challenges in securing the organization’s networks. This new report published by Enterprise Strategy Group details the benefits of using Fortinet Security Operations solutions, including improved operational efficiency and more effective risk management.
Download Report »

FortiGuard AI-Powered Security Services

The FortiGuard SOC/NOC Security suite offers advanced security technologies optimized for SOC and NOC teams. More focus is enabled through AI and automation for faster response to attacks.

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Case Studies

Grey County
Grey County
Canadian County Consolidates Security Strategy with Fortinet to Deliver Top Services to the Community
Capital Energy
Capital Energy
Spanish Renewable Energy Company Sets New Industry Benchmark for Secure OT/IT Convergence in the Cloud
USI Insurance Services
USI Insurance Services
Insurance Broker Ensures WAN Security Plus Higher Performance, Less Downtime, and Streamlined Management
Chandler Unified School District
Chandler Unified School District
Proactively Protecting a Large School District and Its Ever-Growing Attack Surface

Models and Specifications

FortiSIEM 500F


3 TB

FortiSIEM 500G


4 TB

FortiSIEM 2000F


36 TB

FortiSIEM 2000G


32 TB + 4 TB NVMe

FortiSIEM 3500G


96 TB


FortiCare Support & Professional Services

Fortinet is dedicated to helping our customers succeed, and every year FortiCare services help thousands of organizations get the most from their investments in Fortinet's products and services. To achieve this, FortiCare follows the life-cycle approach and provides unique services to help our customers in their success journeys.

Technical Support Services

Technical Support Services

Various per-device options are available for efficient operations. FortiCare Elite option provides a 15-minute response time for critical products.

Advanced Support

Advanced Support

Various per-account white glove services are available to reduce disruption and increase productivity with operational reviews by designated experts.

Professional Services

Professional Services

Our multi-vendor experts can design and deploy a complete best practice-based solution to help you meet your network or security objectives and adopt new capabilities.



Priority RMA options are available across the product family for expedited replacement of defective hardware to meet your availability objectives.


Training & Certifications

Fortinet Certified Professional - Security Operations
In this course, you will learn about FortiSIEM initial configurations, architecture, and the discovery of devices on the network. You will also learn how to collect performance information and aggregate it with syslog data to enrich the overall view of the health of your environment.
Fortinet Certified Solution Specialist - Security Operations
In this course, you will learn how to use FortiSIEM in a multi-tenant environment. You will learn about rules and their architecture, how incidents are generated, how baseline calculations are performed, the different methods of remediation available, and how the MITRE ATT&CK framework integrates with FortiSIEM.
Fortinet Certified Solution Specialist - OT Security
Learn how to design, deploy, administrate, and monitor FortiGate, FortiNAC, FortiAnalyzer, and FortiSIEM devices to secure OT infrastructures. These skills will provide you with a solid understanding of how to design, implement, and operate an OT security solution based on Fortinet products.
Other Training
In this two-day course, you will learn how to create custom parsers to extend FortiSIEM’s scope to as-yet unknown devices and custom applications whose log formats would not otherwise be understood by FortiSIEM.

Free Product Demo

Learn how FortiSIEM monitoring tools can help you detect, prevent, and respond to security threats by doing a self-guided demo.

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