How Many Embryos Make It to Day 5

Choosing Embryos For Transfer Freezing
Choosing Embryos For Transfer Freezing, image source: fertilitysolutions.com.au

i had 5 eggs fertilize and 3 made it to day 5 we transferred 2 and froze 1 really i have no idea how anyone determines if an embryo is going to make it to day 5 or page 1 of 2 how many embryos made it to day 5 posted in assisted conception general hi all just has my second ivf collection yesterday and we only got 7 eggs how many of your embryos made it to day 5 that there s no hard and fast statistics out there that indicate how many of them will ultimately make it how many make it from 3 days to 5 hope the info helps i think it is a positive to have good healthy embryos that make it to day 5 wish you lots of luck jmclean day 3 all 20 were dividing 17 were 8 cells 1 a 6 cell 1 a 5 cell and 1 a 4 cell based on this report we expected to have a lot of blasts on day 5 to our shock only 3 made it to blasts and one of them was not of good quality so we transferred 2 blasts and a morula bfn next day day 6 3 more blasts were frozen .

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