How to Draw Storm Clouds

Sketch Lesson How to Draw Clouds in Pencil
Sketch Lesson How to Draw Clouds in Pencil, image source: thoughtco.com

how to draw storm clouds part of the series how to draw 101 storm clouds can be drawn in a wide variety of different ways find out how to draw storm how to draw clouds clouds are visible mass of water that look like a collection of white smoke floating in the sky this is a tutorial on how to draw a cartoon cloud select and from this rich collection of 51 storm cloud drawing images at getdrawings search for other drawing images from our huge database start forming your clouds by working from back to front use an hb pencil to work on the outlines and shading blend in your shading outlines using a blending stump use a kneadable eraser to add highlights to the clouds painting effective storm clouds involves layers and the proper colors image jupiterimages creatas getty even if you re not bob ross you ve probably wanted .

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