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Cybersecurity for Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies need to secure their industrial systems while maintaining operational efficiency, business continuity, product integrity, and compliance. The Fortinet Security Fabric provides an integrated platform that covers all aspects of the manufacturing business— from the back office to the manufacturing floor to the data center to the cloud. Our solutions protect all attack surfaces and users. 

Security for Manufacturing

Manufacturing organizations face potential cybersecurity risks as they connect their operational systems to the internet. The Fortinet Security Fabric offers a solution by integrating cybersecurity protection across OT and IT environments, ensuring safety from the manufacturing floor to the data center and multiple clouds.

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Fortinet Manufacturing Cybersecurity Solutions

In a rapidly evolving marketplace that demands just-in-time production, manufacturers cannot afford to be slowed down by cybersecurity events or by efforts to prevent them. The Fortinet Security Fabric provides a unified platform that can protect IT, OT, and physical security—with broad visibility and integrated control from a single pane of glass.

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Effective ICS Cybersecurity Using the IEC 62443 Standard

It's important to conduct risk and security assessments, followed by mitigation plans to enhance industrial control system (ICS) security. This will help to narrow down the cybersecurity problem to a list of findings, which only represent a part of the overall ICS security posture. Adopting various security controls, such as prevention, monitoring, detection, and response to incidents is also crucial. The ICS should be segmented into security zones based on the identified cybersecurity requirements and protection levels.

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Operations disrupted by a cyber-physical attack can create safety risks.


An attack disrupting production can impact revenue, including distribution channels and supply chains.


The attack surface for cyber-physical assets exposes production equipment to disruption from attack.


Penalties for noncompliance are high but diminished brand reputation caused by a breach may be worse.


Degrading product quality due to a cyberattack can ruin a brand's reputation or create spoilage.

Fortinet Differentiators for Manufacturing Cybersecurity

icon ics ot solutions
Purpose-Built OT Solutions
Industrial network equipment has outdoor-rated features like dual power supplies and DIN rail mounts.
icon ot threat intelligence
OT Threat Intelligence
Monitors 70+ protocols, 500+ known vulnerabilities. Specialized threat intelligence protects OT threats.
icon ot team
Dedicated OT-Experienced Team
Validated cybersecurity support for the industry, strategic partnerships with industrial control vendors.
icon fabric api integrated ecosystem
Broad, Integrated Ecosystem
Open ecosystem extends Fortinet Security Fabric benefits to OT fabric-ready partner solutions.
icon convergence grey
Converged Security Operations
Synergistically manage OT and IT networks in a converged SOC.
icon fortiguard services
AI-powered Security Services
OT Security services enable ICS security to stay ahead of evolving threats.

Case Studies

Our extended IT infrastructure is absolutely critical to everything we do, so it’s invaluable to have the seamless protection that Fortinet provides across our physical and cloud-based domains.”
- Stuart Berman, global security architect, Steelcase
The combined set of capabilities across the entire Fortinet Security Fabric gives GEMÜ a significant security advantage.”
- Bruno Scharpfenecker, Systems Administrator, GEMÜ

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Manufacturing organizations manage expensive and sophisticated equipment at their facilities—and the systems that run the machinery are increasingly connected to the internet. Discover how the Fortinet Security Fabric addresses the cybersecurity challenges in manufacturing.

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