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The FortiGuard Attack Surface Security Service, integrated into FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls, continuously monitors and assesses your organization’s Security Fabric infrastructure and controls in place to provide an overall rating of your security posture.

Continuously Assess and Rate Your Security Posture

Unpatched vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and less-than-optimal settings, all affect the scoring for each control. This, in turn, influences overall scores for your organization. Visibility across your attack surface, facilitated through your Fabric infrastructure, extends to IoT devices connected to your environment.

diagram fgd attack surface security

How the FortiGuard Attack Surface Security Service Works

The rating aspects of the service apply to all devices in your Security Fabric. They use real-time monitoring to analyze your Security Fabric deployment, identify potential vulnerabilities, and highlight best practices (that can be used to improve the security and performance of your network), and calculate Security Fabric scores.

The service provides three main security scores: Security Posture, Fabric Coverage, and Optimization - which provide an executive summary of the three largest areas of security focus in the Security Fabric. 

Get a Comprehensive View Into Potential Risk

The FortiGuard Attack Surface Security Service provides a single view of the organization’s overall security posture, compared with best practices and accepted security standards. It highlights the effectiveness of security investments over time and helps security leaders understand logical next steps in the development of their security architectures. The service also provides an easy consumable format to keep executive management and the board of directors informed about high-level trends.

Fortinet Security Fabric Integrations

The FortiGuard Attack Surface Security Service is tightly integrated with FortiGate Next-Generation Firewalls and Fortinet NGFW-based solutions. 

Use Cases

The FortiGuard Attack Surface Security Service provides NOC and SOC teams with visibility across their broader attack surfaces. It assesses and scores controls against major security and compliance frameworks, enhances security posture, and ultimately, mitigates risk.

Features and Benefits

View of Security Controls and Maturity

Understand the current state of your security posture and its maturity versus targeted levels

Risk Avoidance

Identify and resolve configuration issues and vulnerabilities before they lead to a problem

Adherence to Frameworks

Assess compliance with Fortinet Security Best Practices, CIS controls, and PCI DSS frameworks

Actionable Guidance

Generates clear guidance for addressing gaps and areas of risk

Expanded Visibility

Expand visibility of your attack surface, including IoT devices

IoT Security

Discover, identify, and protect against attacks targeting IoT devices in your environment