A cafe in Jersey City closes a location on Monday

JERSEY CITY, NJ — A coffee shop with two locations in Jersey City will be closing its location inside the Urby residential development, according to an Instagram post this week.

9 Bar Cafe in Jersey City has announced that it will be closing its location in Urby on Greene Street starting Monday. But they will continue to serve coffee, lattes and candies at their other location at 18 Erie St.

“Thank you for all the loyal customers we have accumulated throughout our stay at our Urby Greene St location!” they said. “Our Erie St location will still be open, with extended hours on weekends. There are still a few days left to come and grab your favorite espresso drinks. We are open to
Urby today until 5 p.m.

Urby’s location is a short walk from the Harborside light rail station.

9 Bar did not say why they are closing in Urby or what will replace the store.

The location on the ground floor served both residents and people stopping to eat, work at one of the tables or read the books available on site.

To learn more about their other location on Erie Street, which will remain open, Click here.

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