Bayonne, Jersey City police scenes after police chase, gunfire


BAYONNE, NJ – There was a heavy police presence in Bayonne and Jersey City early Tuesday morning after a police chase and overnight gunfire, authorities said.

AIR11 first flew over the area near Bayonne, at the intersection of avenue Ingham and 5e rue Est, at around 6:20 a.m.

The Bayonne Police Department confirmed officers were involved in a chase and gunfire was involved, however, no further details were provided.

It was not immediately clear whether the shots were fired by police or potential suspects, or whether the shots took place before, during or after the pursuit.

AIR11 was later on intense police activity in the parking lot of the Tropicana factory in Jersey City early Tuesday.

It has not been officially confirmed whether the two scenes are linked, but Bayonne Police have been seen assisting officers in Jersey City.

AIR11 was over the Tropicana plant in Jersey City and earlier in Bayonne on Tuesday morning, September 28, 2021, after a police-confirmed pursuit and gunfire, authorities said. (News AIR11 / PIX11)

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