Camden Haven Redbacks To Showcase New Look This Season After Hosting Design Contest To Find Their Next Shirt | Port Macquarie News

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Camden Haven Redbacks Football Club will present a new look next season after hosting a design competition to find his 2022 jersey. Local Indigenous artists have been invited by the football club committee to participate in the art competition to be placed on new club jerseys and training jerseys to encourage cultural acceptance. Indigenous artist Tony Clark’s striking red and black design was chosen as the winner by community vote on November 29. Mr. Clark has been affiliated for 20 years and has grandchildren who play with the club. Kayla White, Redbacks member protection information officer, said the club’s proactive approach to cultural development was a first for the Hastings League. “At the moment we have three mockups of the design and we are voting on a final design, which will be on the jersey and also on the training jersey for the season,” Ms. White said. “I think it’s a good start after we had an indigenous round of football and NAIDOC last year. It was a starting point for us to share those positive feelings to develop a love and acceptance of. culture. ”It’s important to have a love and acceptance of culture all year round and this is something we have talked about as a committee to make it bigger and bigger every year. “As far as we know this (all year type of jersey) has never been done before and could be a first for football in the Hastings competition. NRL teams, rugby league and it is starting to emerge in Oz Tag and netball competitions. We are very excited to lead by example and come up with something. “The artists were awarded the colors red, black and white to create a design and two designs were received by the club for the contest. Our reporters work hard to provide up-to-date news to the community. Here’s how you can continue to access our trusted content:


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