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CJ McCollum explains why his wife is the primary decision maker in many career decisions

CJ McCollum was treated well by the Portland Trail Blazers. So much so that before being traded to the New Orleans Pelicans, the front office consulted him to find out where he wanted to go. But the final decision did not necessarily belong to McCollum. He revealed that he waited for his wife’s signal to leave before speaking to his agent.

Family first

In an interview with Marc J. Spears, the veteran reporter asked if McCollum’s peers raised their eyebrows when he shared his intention to don the Pelicans jersey. McCollum knows there is a “stigma” around the organization, given the many changes it has gone through in recent years. McCollum was blunt in his response: he doesn’t care what other people think. All that matters is the opinion of his family, especially his wife.

“First of all, their opinion doesn’t matter to me. I have to live this life. I have to bring my family. I have to go through this process on my own. They understood once they saw us play.

“The other part is my family. I asked my wife, ‘What do you think?’ If she had said no, it would have been no. My son was 3 weeks and 5 days old when I was traded. So we had to figure out what’s going on now. Once my wife signed, I had to talk to my agent, and I was good to go,” McCollum said, per andscape.

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It’s a touching little word. In an era defined by players chasing rings by building powerful teams, McCollum stands out as someone who puts his family above all else. Ultimately, McCollum wants some semblance of stability for his family. And he believes he can do it in the city of New Orleans.

Looking back

While McCollum leaving Portland broke fans’ hearts, it wasn’t necessarily an unexpected move. McCollum wore the Trail Blazers jersey since the team drafted him as the 10th overall pick in 2013. He immediately teamed up with Damian Lillard, the scorer the Blazers picked sixth overall in 2012.

The backcourt tandem has guided the franchise to eight consecutive playoff appearances, which is a major achievement in itself. Their partnership culminated in the 2019 NBA Playoffs, where they reached the Western Conference Finals. Although the power of the Golden State Warriors launched them in four games, the Blazers’ campaign was read as positive: they finally figured out how to maneuver themselves in the playoffs.

They were expected to carry good momentum during the 2019-20 NBA season. But things didn’t go as planned. They broke a 35-39 record in the pandemic season and were sent off in the first round by eventual champions Los Angeles Lakers.

The Blazers’ lackluster performance would create a domino effect. Lillard never left the rumor mill as fans constantly slammed Terry Stotts. The writing was on the wall: It was time for a massive adjustment. Stotts was indeed fire; the team traded some players, including McCollum, ending its eight-and-a-half-year partnership with Lillard.

McCollum seems to be in a better place right now. He is considered the veteran leader and voice of a young Pelican team. So far, so good. As of this writing, they’re down 3-2 to the league’s top team Phoenix Suns. Whether or not they succeed in pulling off the upset is still a matter of waiting. The fact that they stood up to the Suns proves McCollum’s positive impact. It seems McCollum’s wife made the right choice.

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