Damian Lillard responds to ‘horrible photoshop’ of him in jazz uniform



Damian Lillard had a curt response to a photo circulating on social media of him in a Utah Jazz jersey: ‘Horrible photoshop’.

A word of warning to fans who post photos of Damian Lillard in a jersey other than the Portland Trail Blazers or Team USA jersey: improve your Photoshop skills first.

Lillard wasn’t impressed with the graphic design effort of a fan who obviously wanted to see him in a Utah Jazz jersey alongside Donovan Mitchell.

Sorry, Lorenzo, maybe this is wishful thinking.

Lillard responds to fans’ photo of him in a Jazz jersey

Despite NBA Twitter’s insistence that he should force a trade, to the knowledge of the public, Lillard has not asked to leave Portland, the only NBA home the six-time All-Star has ever known. Still, that hasn’t stopped fans and pundits alike speculating that the Blazers star might want to come out after yet another playoff failure. The departure of longtime Portland head coach Terry Stotts only stokes the fire.

Changes are underway in Portland, but for what it’s worth, Lillard’s public stance hasn’t changed. He signed a contract extension in 2019 and remains on the Blazers’ payroll until the summer of 2025, when he could become an unrestricted free agent.

Surely there are plenty of NBA GMs out there who would give an arm and a leg to make Lillard fit for their team, especially after his historic individual playoff performances. But, for now, at least, Lillard himself isn’t publicly considering the idea of ​​putting on a different NBA jersey.


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