Design possibilities of a City Connect uniform

As the San Diego Padres unveil the final Nike City Connect uniform design for the 2022 season, baseball fans are already looking ahead to next season and the possibility of the New York Yankees donning their own City Connect uniforms…and at what they might look like.

What could Nike City Connect uniforms look like for the New York Yankees?

The New York Yankees have long been one of the most conservative and traditional teams in MLB when it comes to uniform design. Stripes with interlocking NY and road gray uniforms with New York on the chest have been the options for years, but the Yankees will soon have another jersey to go with it, thanks to the introduction of Nike City Connect uniforms. .

While there’s no set date for when the Yankees will join the Nike City Connect uniform universe, one thing is certain: New York Yankees fans will see a revamp of the tried-and-true Yankees uniforms.

Looking at what some of the other Nike City Connect uniforms featured, Could the New Yankees Uniforms Feature the Bronx? The Chicago Cubs and White Sox have already made their debuts and have each highlighted the part of Windy City where they play. The Yankees focus on the Bronx while the New York Mets (who have yet to debut either) focus on Queens makes perfect sense.

And how about having ‘Bombers’ on the front of the jersey instead of ‘New York’, paying homage to current and past editions of the Bronx Bombers. With Aaron Judge leading all MLB hitters in home runs this season and the Yankees leading the league as a team, the Bombers would be very suitable.

How about reverse stripes, with a navy jersey with white stripes (think what the White Sox have done with theirs this season) and pants that wear the stripes all the way down? Having a stripes-themed ride just makes sense.

On the cover, how about having the B, D, and 4 train symbols that bring fans to Yankee Stadium. On the jock tag, pay homage to Monument Park in some way, with either the number of jerseys that have been retired so far, or a preview of one of the landmarks and/or a plaque with a circle above.

Hats are perhaps the hardest thing to imagine. It’s hard to think of a Yankees team (except around 9/11) that doesn’t have the NY intertwined on its hat. Maybe Bronx on hats too?

That’s just an idea of ​​how the New York Yankees might unveil the Nike City Connect jerseys when it comes time to unveil them. What would you like to see with the jerseys? Let us know in the comments section below.

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