Design the new USA cycling jersey – and receive a free kit for your troubles and more on the live blog

As far as botched social media campaigns go, that’s up there.

Last night, USA Cycling announced that it was offering ambitious creative bike enthusiasts the opportunity to design the country’s new member kit.

Sounds pretty cool, right? That is until you see the compensation offered by USA Cycling for the time, effort and skill of the successful designer – one, yes one, free kit. The kit they designed… They get one. Yeah.

Naturally, social media was not happy with this and told USA Cycling:

Let’s just say the ratios weren’t great (that’s how kids talk these days, isn’t it?).

Facing the initial backlash of a public backlash, USA Cycling quickly blocked anyone from responding to the tweet, while an Instagram post was also quickly deleted.

That hasn’t stopped people from criticizing the governing body in quote tweets, using the kit design pattern to condemn USA Cycling’s seemingly lax stance on labor rights:

Some took the opportunity to criticize the body’s reaction to anti-trans activists demonstrating during the national cyclocross championships in December:

While others have a little fun with:

I think Dave Zabriskie might be up for wearing this one…

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