Hoboken political critics ask why meetings are still virtual

HOBOKEN, NJ — COVID numbers are dropping, Hoboken schools will be hidden in two weeks, but Hoboken City Council meetings are still virtual, despite a plan announced in December to reopen them in January 2022.

Political observers have complained for months about not being able to attend council meetings in person, particularly ahead of a December meeting in which the council passed controversial measures, such as raises.

The city announced in December that council meetings would allow 25 in-person observers beginning in January. But after the COVID numbers rose, the plan was delayed.

But now that the numbers are back down, critics are once again frustrated.

“It took me an hour and twenty minutes to make that call, to attend that meeting,” Eric Volpe said on the phone. last Wednesday’s meeting. “I finally cracked and created a Zoom account. I have too much e-waste to deal with. I’ve spoken at these meetings before. Why don’t we have live meetings at the hotel town?… You shouldn’t even have to have a computer to be able to attend a public meeting.”

He noted that the mayor recently revoked the city‘s indoor mask mandate, but kept it for city buildings, regardless of vaccination status. (To see 9:47.)

The city spokesperson did not respond to a question last week about when the meetings will be held at City Hall.

On Friday, former City Council candidate Paul Presinzano Tweeted that he had called each Hudson County City Clerk’s office to find out if council meetings are held in person.

Of the 12, West New York and Harrison are still far apart. Seven others – including Jersey City, Bayonne and North Bergen – are in person, and two are hybrids.

Wednesday’s meeting can be viewed on Facebook with this link.

The meeting agendas on the city’s website also list instructions for following and joining via Zoom. here are the diaries.

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