How Terry Fenwick missed out on more than eight million euros with the Maradona shirt

Jhe 1986 World Cup made history for two matches, both played in the quarter-finals between England and Argentina.

It was both Diego Maradona goals, one known as the “hand of God” and the other as the “goal of the century”.

The Three Lions were eliminated at the hands of Argentina and their defender Terry Fenwick missed a huge opportunity to earn more than eight million euros.

Fenwick refused to swap shirts with Maradonawhose jersey broke an auction record last month, when it sold for up to 8.4 million euros.

In his book ‘The Story of the Seven Million Pound Shirt‘, the former Tottenham player tells why he refused Maradonaoffers to exchange shirts after the game.

“I was obviously very emotional at the time about the ‘Hand of God’,” Fenwick says The Sun.

“About five minutes passed between an obvious handball – and the goal that everyone now calls the best in World Cup history.

“We were in shock. Look at the TV footage of the second goal, we were everywhere – the team structure and formation was just non-existent. We were still in shock.

Maradona turned to me after the game to swap shirts but I was in pieces, so upset and demoralized. We were excluded from the World Cup because of a handball.

“I was the only one chasing the referee to the halfway line to challenge the goal.

“But then I turned away sharply when the referee reached into his pocket because I thought it might be a red card ahead.”

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