“I don’t think that will happen.” – Draymond Green on getting a contract extension with the Golden State Warriors – Basketball Network

Draymond Green

The Golden State Warriors are currently at an impasse with Draymond Green. Green is one of the best defensemen in the league, a key cog in the Warriors machine and the team’s most vocal leader. Draymond is about to enter the final year of his contract and has a player option for 2023-24. This means he could become a free agent next summer if no new contract is agreed.

No contract extension planned?

In an interview with The Athletic, Green is not convinced he will get a contract extension this season. Being the veteran that he is, the versatile forward said he won’t let his contract situation be a distraction that could derail the Warriors’ title defense.

I don’t think that will happen, and so for me, I’m just focused on this season and being as good as I can be and as I know I’m capable of being and winning another championship and achieving my individual goals which I also have. I think that’s my main goal“, Green said.

The 32-year-old will earn $25.8 million this season and will owe $27.5 million for the 2023-24 season if he signs up. The Michigan native made no secret that he believed himself worthy of a maximum contract. But with Warriors cogs Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole also in talks with team bosses over contract extensions, it remains to be seen if Green will get what he wants.

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The thought of Green in another jersey is unimaginable

Warriors general manager Bob Myers realizes the urgency of the situation and knows the thought of Green in another jersey is unimaginable.

No, no, I would say definitely, unequivocally, that’s not a guy that we look at and say he won’t be there,“Myers told The Athletic.

Now, at some point, we will have to make decisions. But in terms of his importance to this organization and what he’s done, we’re going to do everything we can to keep him in the fold.

It’s going to be an interesting season for the Warriors. They will have to make tough decisions regarding their main players. But if anyone knows how to navigate those waters, it’s Myers and head coach Steve Kerr.

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