Indian team jersey: EXPLAINED: why BCCI abandoned the “new jersey” of the Indian team for the 2012 T20 World Cup


Team India was due to wear a new jersey for the 2021 T20 World Cup. Photo:


  • Team India had to wear a new jersey at the 2012 T20 World Cup
  • A special function was also organized for the launch of the jersey before the ICC event.
  • However, the BCCI abandoned the idea at the time and the players wore the 2011 World Cup jersey.

The Indian team led by Virat Kohli dons the brand new blue jersey during the ongoing 2021 T20 World Cup. The men in blue had joined the roster of teams wearing the retro jersey and had started donning similar colors to those worn by the 1992 Indian World Cup on the side. But as is tradition, a new jersey was launched ahead of the ICC event and players don the ‘Billion Cheers Jersey’.

It is not known whether the special jersey is reserved for the T20Is or the Team India white ball matches. While few teams have separate jerseys for ODI and T20 formats, this is not the case with Team India.

Indian players wear the same jersey for the 50s and 20s competitions. But the tradition was almost broken at the 2012 T20 World Cup. Ten years ago, Nike unveiled the brand new Team India jersey ahead of the Cup. of the world T20. The players were also impressed with the design of the jersey.

“When we turn on the television and see players in white, we know they’re playing Test cricket. Likewise, when you see them in blue, you know that an ODI is in progress. Now that we have a T20 jersey, there will be a strong association between the format and the T-shirt, ”former skipper MS Dhoni said at the time.

But the players did not wear the new jersey during the ICC event as the BCCI abandoned the idea. Why? Find out the reason for the move –

According to a report in The time of India at the time, it was more of a “good luck” decision as the board wanted the players to wear the shirts they wore at the 2011 world cup, where india broke the 28-year-old waiting for World Cup victory and had beaten Sri Lanka in the final to win the trophy.

“It was not something that the players had offered to wear. It is completely the decision of the BCCI to ask the players to wear the jersey they had used in the 2011 World Cup,” he told YOU Ratnakar Shetty, the former CEO of BCCI.

India won 2 of 3 matches in the 2012 T20 WC Championship stage, but were unable to make it to the semi-finals due to a below-average NRR. The West Indies won this edition of the tournament

Fans were eager to see Team India in a T20 jersey, but that did not happen. It remains to be seen whether Team India will ever have a special jersey for the shorter format or not.

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