Jersey City hosts event to improve police and community relations in a bid to stop crime



President Joe Biden on Wednesday unveiled plans to reduce violent crime nationwide. It comes as communities around New Jersey are doing their part to reduce gun violence and improve community policing.

Jersey City hosted its Rock the Block program on Wednesday night. The event was all about community policing, an effort the president referred to as one that saves lives in the long run.

Rock the Block is giving Jersey City police officers a chance to connect with the city’s youngest residents. On the surface, it looks fun. Children play basketball or other games with the police. But what it’s really about is building relationships between the police and the community.

“We don’t want kids to be afraid of cops. So if they see a friendly face, they will remember that face. And when they can remember that face, they can keep them safe, ”Jersey City Police Director Tawana Moody said.

A good relationship between the police and the community is important to Mayor Steven Fulop.

“In some cities, it’s a very fragile relationship. So we want to make sure that in Jersey City, it’s a strong bond, ”he said.

Cities around New Jersey, including Atlantic City, Newark, Paterson and Trenton, have seen an increase in shootings and crime over the past year. Nationally, there has been a 33% increase in homicides.

That’s why Biden has developed a crime prevention plan that primarily targets gun-related crimes.

“My message to you is this: we will apply for your license to sell firearms,” the president said.

Biden was referring to an order he signed that would allow the ATF to more aggressively hunt down gun dealers who break the laws. They will have their license revoked if they sell a firearm to a prohibited person, fail to do background checks, or falsify records.

The president also said he wanted more community policing like the event that took place in Jersey City. He said community outreach can help stop any wave of violence.

Biden also announced the formation of a strike force designed to stop the flow of weapons across state borders.


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