Jersey City Ward C second round: Bing and Boggiano resume campaign


Jersey City Journal Square city council candidate Kevin Bing is looking to redouble his efforts and attract more supporters to his side.

Richard Boggiano, the incumbent looking for a third term, will build on a supporter base that won him 600 more voters than the challenger on November 2 when the two face off in the second round of the elections. district C on December 7.

The second round became necessary when none of the three candidates, including the third, Tom Zuppa, received more than 50% of the vote.

Bing, who received 1,405 votes on Nov. 2, said he needed to eliminate those who have already voted for him to close the gap created by Boggiano’s 2,079 total. He plans to highlight Boggiano’s adherence to a “Trump-style policy,” citing a few conspiracy-type theories raised by Boggiano at city council meetings.

He would also like to turn Zuppa’s 1,237 voters into Bing voters.

“We want to continue to involve people on the issues that led them to vote in the first place,” said Bing, 34, co-founder and former president of the Journal Square Community Association. “I think we need to reach out to these supporters (Zuppa), talk about the issues that interest them and explain why it is vital that they show up on December 7th.

“These are people who are obviously interested in the change in Ward C. I think when they kick the tires and watch the Bing campaign they are going to find a message that they like, we just need go talk to them. “

Boggiano, who ran for Mayor Steve Fulop’s list, failed to secure his place in city council on Tuesday with just 44 percent of the vote. The question is in which direction will Zuppa voters fall: for Boggiano, Bing or neither, since the last polls in the city produced lower vote totals than the general election.

Zuppa told the Jersey Journal in a text message that he had made no decision on who he supported on December 7.

Boggiano, when asked to comment on the run-off election, questioned his daughter, Katrina, before hanging up the Jersey Journal for the second time in three days.

Team Fulop campaign spokesperson Phil Swibinski said Boggiano, who won the second round in 2013 and 2017, is in a good position to win the second round.

“He finished first in the general election votes and has a solid base of support that can be counted on to return to vote on December 7,” Swibinski said. “We expect City Councilor Boggiano to lead a full campaign and know that he will continue to work hard to win every vote, so we are confident he will be the winning candidate in the second round.”

Boggiano defeated Hannusak in the second round of the elections in 2017 and Nidia Lopez in 2013. In both cases, Boggiano obtained the most votes in the general elections.

In 2017, Ward E city councilor James Solomon (2,414) won more than 700 votes less than Rebecca Symes (3,419) in the general election, but caused a sensation in the second round, from 2,178 to 1 929.

Solomon said Boggiano is definitely the favorite, but Bing still has a chance. He said that to win, Bing must learn from the general election by doing two things: correct campaign mistakes and think about how to persuade voters to win.

“So internalize what they do well and what they don’t do well,” Solomon said. “My campaign internalized in 2017 and I realized we had to do a better job of speaking to voters.

“Then he has to think about the voters of Zuppa and think about how he can win the majority of them.”

Bing said he had already gained the support of many Zuppa supporters, some of whom volunteered for his campaign.

“I think Tom has highlighted a lot of important quality of life issues and how my opponent really leaves the neighborhood behind and leaves issues unanswered… obviously the job isn’t done,” said Bing.

“I think we really have a cross message that is going to appeal to these voters and that’s what I’m prepared to work on.”

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