Jersey Gate: Bayern Munich’s Jamal Musiala was named Corentin Tolisso in the second half

A lot went wrong on the pitch for Bayern Munich against Borussia Mönchengladbach on Friday, but something bizarre went wrong in the dressing room as well. At half-time, Jamal Musiala swapped his shirt. Now that’s not strange in itself – especially on a snowy night in Munich – but on closer inspection, there was a different name printed on his jersey: Tolisso.

Musiala wearing the correctly named jersey in the first half
Photo by CHRISTOF STACHE / AFP via Getty Images

How can this happen? Most likely, as they were pressing names and numbers onto shirts, Tolisso’s 24 must have accidentally mixed up to make 42 instead. The jerseys are probably divided and distributed by number. The outfitters probably just put all 42 shirts in Musiala’s locker and he didn’t even think about looking at the name.

Due to the team’s performance and the resulting loss, the game itself will not be very memorable and the misnamed jersey will likely soon be forgotten. However, can you imagine if Musiala would have scored a late winner or a hat-trick? This jersey would have gone straight to the Bayern museum or sold for a pretty dime.

What do you think Musiala should do with this unique jersey? Put your idea in the comments!

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