Kyzir White has huge shoes to fill

For a very long time it seemed to me Haason Reddick would go on to become the first Philadelphia Eagles player to wear number 43 since Darren Sproles hung up the cleats in 2019.

Sure, in college, Reddick wore seven and 58, and those two numbers were theoretically available, but at every step of his NFL journey, from Arizona to Carolina, the pride of Camden, New Jersey, wore number 43. digit numbers have since become available to linebackers/defensive ends and 58 have been released thanks to General AveryThe decision to sign with the Pittsburgh Steelers, the odds of 43 being carried by a dynamic and electrifying point guard capable of changing the tenor of a game with a single play seemed relatively high…at least until he choose to go with seven after overwhelming support on a Twitter poll.

But hey, if you were hoping to see a new number 43, you’re in luck, because white kyzirEagles’ other Addition of free agent linebacker opted to go with the number as his professional number 44, was already retired for ‘Pistol Pete’ Pete Retzlaff.

Does Kyzir White have massive shoes to fill? You bet, but given his lifelong Philadelphia Eagles fandom, something tells me he’s up for this challenge head-on.

If Kyzir White is successful, so will the Philadelphia Eagles.

Let me introduce you to a good, better, better situation for Kyzir White’s maiden trip as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles.

After having a fantastic final season in Los Angeles with the Chargers, it’s clear White can play in the NFL. He caught 144 tackles, had two assists and even had a sack and two forced fumbles en route to a 7 AV season, according to Pro Football Reference. Given the dire straits of the Eagles’ linebacking corps over the past few seasons, White should be a solid upgrade from many of the options the Eagles had last season, or even into 2020 and beyond. of the.

But do you know who else has a season with 100+ tackles, multiple turnovers and an AV of 7 on their CV? Yeah that would be Alex Singletonwho accomplished that stat line in 2020. While replacing Singleton with a more expensive clone wouldn’t be ideal, it’s hard to knock the former CFL standout too hard for his midnight green efforts, as he has been instrumental in several wins since coming to town and apparently always found a way to see the pitch somehow despite some Nathan Gerry-esque errors of judgment in area coverage.

Alternatively, it’s possible the Eagles could sign a player in the first, second, or even later round who hits the ground running, catches fire, and immediately becomes the Eagles’ linebacker of the future. If that happens, I would still expect White to see the field in defensive subsets, trading TJ Edwards for a more athletic option in the nickel would be a very positive development, but it’s hard to imagine such a role being what he expected when Howie Roseman came calling with a proof deal.

Alright, let’s assume White is able to earn the starting linebacker spot this fall and make waves right off the bat; what would be a ‘better’ role for the 26-year-old then? Well, look no further than the role Nigel Bradham played under Jim Schwartz during the team’s Super Bowl run. From 2016 to 2018, Bradham played at least 96% of the Eagles’ defensive snaps and was on the field whether the team was in base, the goal line or even the dime pack. If White can become a consistent contributor on the weak side capable of holding in coverage well enough to stay on the field regardless of low and distance — and even a dime, when there’s only one linebacker on the pitch – he will undoubtedly deserve a new contract and potentially even earn one if Howie Roseman feels like paying.

And what about the best? If all goes well, what will the new 43 season look like? Well, it will probably look a bit like Eric Kendricks2019 season with the Minnesota Vikings, where he was named Pro Bowler and All-Pro in a pattern very similar to that led by Jonathan Gannon. In 2019, Kendricks was the Vikings’ defensive leader, a force in the running game, and one of the best covering linebackers the NFL had to offer. He stayed on the pitch regardless of play, distance or game design and even relayed play from the touchline to his teammates before the ball was broken. While it’s hard to imagine White playing the exact same role as the 2019 Kendricks this fall, as he would need to significantly muscle up to play full-time center linebacker, if he can become a defensive playmaker. switchblade capable of impacting every game he’s on the field, his contract could be ripped up before the end of the regular season and end up becoming the kind of foundational linebacker the Eagles don’t have had for a very long time.

Will Kyzir White fit neatly into one of those boxes in 2022, or will his season take a different path? Only time will tell. Personally, I think the “best” option is probably the most likely because White just yells at me at every linebacker, but hey, I was wrong before. But whatever White’s season, he’ll have some incredibly big shoes to fill by selecting No. 43, even though they most recently belonged to one of the smallest players in Philadelphia Eagles history.

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