LeBron James calls out racist basketball fans in Boston

NBA Champion james lebron called out racist Boston basketball fans for their bigotry. James made the comments during an appearance on HBO The shop: uninterrupted the 15th of July.

James appeared on the talk show with the Oscar-winning actor Daniel Kaluuyafamous soccer player Marcus RashfordMarketing Manager Paul Riveraentrepreneur Maverick Carter and artist Rachid Johnson.

James is part-owner of the Boston Red Sox, but that hasn’t stopped him from talking about his experience playing in Boston for the Los Angeles Lakers. When the 37-year-old was asked why he didn’t like Boston basketball fans, he didn’t mince words.

“Because they are racist, that’s why,” he said.

“They’ll say anything – and that’s fine. I mean, fuck, this is my life. It’s s — I’ve been dealing with it all my life,” he said. “Like, I hear it. Like, if I hear someone, nearby, I’m going to check it real quick. I’m moving on to the game… I was thrown a beer when leaving a game.

James went on to say that Boston’s TD Garden fans will say and do anything.

“There was like an F—LBJ T-shirt,” James said. “I believe they probably sold it at the f—ing team store. The Celtics had something to do with that s—.

James then showed why he was a champion as he played the offseason with the Drew League on Saturday, according to CBS Sports. The Los Angeles Laker scored 42 points and 16 rebounds during the game in Compton, Calif. James also had four steals and three assists in the MMV Cheaters game against the Black Pearl Elite. His team won the match with a final score of 104-102, per ESPN.

James missed 26 games in the 2021-22 season with an ankle injury but appears to be back in shape, telling ESPN he is 100% healthy.

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