LeBron James opens up about Jerry Jones’ offer to join Cowboys, gives football screening report on himself


LeBron James spoke about football with Peyton and Eli Manning on the Brothers’ Monday Night Football MegaCast for the Cowboys-Eagles game of Week 3.

In particular, Eli brought up the story of how Cowboys owner / general manager Jerry Jones attempted to sign King James during the 2011 NBA lockout. James added that the coach of the Seahawks, Pete Carroll, had also made openings by this time, adding that he “had definitely thought of it” and still has the jerseys he took out of that pursuit.

If you’re wondering what LeBron might have looked like in a Cowboys uniform …

And if you’re also wondering what kind of NFL player James would have been, here’s the screening report from the man himself:

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“I wanted to be a red zone specialist… like (Rob Gronkowski),” said James, who weighs 6-9, 250 pounds.

James was an odd football talent in high school, as evidenced by the clip the Mannings aired during their spot – he was also a man among the boys on the grill. But the footage also highlighted a problem: the pass seemed to come at him with a leap.

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And that prompted James to search the guy throwing the ball.

“Look, I think if I had a better quarterback in high school, I might have kept playing football, but I took way too many hits. It got me into the field. basketball, ”he said.

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Peyton Manning responded that James “chose wisely” by sticking to basketball. Indeed, James is preparing to begin his 19th NBA season and his fourth with the Lakers. He’s looking to win a second NBA title with Los Angeles – his fifth overall – and is a 17 All-Star, 17 All-NBA caps, four-time MVP and four-time NBA Finals MVP.

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