Man who wore T-shirts of Palestinian groups banned in Jewish neighborhood is suspended

A man who wore T-shirts supporting banned Palestinian groups among Jewish communities in north London was given a suspended prison sentence.

Feras Al Jayoosi, 34, pleaded guilty in Westminster Magistrates’ Court to four counts of carrying an article supporting a banned organization, and was given a total of 16 weeks in prison, suspended two years.

He was told that his autism and Asperger’s syndrome reduced his guilt and meant he would not go to jail immediately.

Chief Magistrate Paul Goldspring said: “The harm you have caused is high – you have targeted the Jewish community, especially in Golders Green.

“You received several warnings that the path you were taking – the organizations you were seeking to align with – would get you in trouble, but you kept going. “

Both groups are banned as terrorist organizations in the UK.

Three of the charges relate to Al Jayoosi wearing the clothes in Golders Green – an area of ​​north London with a large Jewish population – on June 8 and 9 this year.

The fourth concerns an incident at Barbury Castle, an Iron Age fort in Wiltshire, on May 30 this year.

Mr Goldspring said, “This lawsuit is not intended (you) to support the cause of the Palestinian people.

“You and many, many others – and rightly so – are very sensitive to this.

“It’s about supporting organizations that believe the way to solve the problem is in a violent way and that we should all hate.

“Make no mistake that your support for the Palestinian cause is somehow not seen as dignified and praised – it is.

“There were many ways to express your support for the cause without ending up in court. “

Mr Goldspring said he did not expect Al Jayoosi, of Swindon in Wiltshire, to end up in court again, but also said he would likely have a hard time finding a job at the future with a conviction for terrorism.

He was ordered to perform 100 hours of community service and was banned from the NW11 North London postcode.

He was also ordered to pay £ 288 in court.

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