Michigan Fans Bring Their Big House Spirit and Feel to Miami | News

Wolverines Peep Rally before Georgia game

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. (WJRT) – We’ve all seen some uplifting rallies, haven’t we?

You know your high school soccer team is going to play in the finals or the playoffs and the school administration gathers everyone in the gym to shout and cheer.

It was the stage for Michigan fans on Thursday night in Miami, but instead of a gymnasium, it looked like the whole Big House was heading to their cheering rally.

“Coming from the jersey that I don’t think I missed in the 35 years I graduated [from Michigan]”Said New Jersey native Michael Smith.” Neither on TV nor in person. “

“I’ve been a Michigan fan my entire life,” said Micahel Wikol, Michigan graduate and native of Philadelphia, PA. “I was there in 97 ‘when they won the national championship.”

In the crowd you can all types of corn and blue shirts but what stands out is the proud mum filming the group.

“We are so proud that they represent the University of Michigan,” said Jennifer Howard.

Belle and Lexi Howard are both in the Michigan Marching Band, and their mom wouldn’t miss their performance for the world.

“I think it’s going to be so powerful, I think they have such a huge squad here to support the football team and the marching band, it’s just a great moment,” Howard said. “We are so proud of them.”

The dynamic rallies are meant to motivate everyone for the game and whether it’s cheering or celebrating tonight Wolverines fans have made their presence in Miami.

“It’s amazing, it’s great, it always is. Every time there is a game Michigan shows up in quantity and quality,” said Smith.

Finally, every Michigan fan in this story has stated that of course they have the Wolverines defeating Georgia in the college football playoff semifinals.

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