NCAA set to implement interim NIL policy


Photo courtesy of NCAA

The teams line up for the kickoff of Saturday’s 93-84 first-round victory of the NCAA tournament by third-seeded Kansas against no.14-seeded East Washington at the Indiana Farmers Coliseum in Indianapolis.

The NCAA is ready to move forward with an interim name, image and likeness policy as some states have already passed laws that will allow college athletes to earn money from NIL activities. from Thursday.

The NCAA Division I board voted this week to recommend that its board adopt the draft policy at its meeting on Wednesday.

An NCAA press release said the temporary measure, once approved by the board, would remain in place until federal law or new NCAA rules are established.

Although a bill regarding the NIL was introduced in Kansas, it was not passed in May. From Tuesday, according to Ross Dellanger of Sports Illustrated, 23 states across the country have passed NIL laws, 13 of which are expected to go into effect Thursday, the first day of July.

Because there are no NIL laws in the Kansas books, University of Kansas athletes will be permitted to follow the NCAA Temporary NIL Rules once they are in effect.

As stated in the NCAA statement on this matter, athletes “who attend school in a state without NIL law may engage in this type of activity without violating NCAA name, image, and image rules. in the likeness “.

The recommended guidelines, which various reports said are expected to be approved at the NCAA board meeting on Wednesday, state athletes can use “a professional service provider” for NIL activities.

The statement also says the interim policy will allow schools and conferences to adopt their own NIL policies.

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