New Jersey Supreme Court refuses to hear Jersey City PSOA case to stop CCRB

The New Jersey Supreme Court declined to hear a case filed by the Association of Senior Police Officers of Jersey City in a case seeking to stop the establishment of a local civilian complaints review board.

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By John Heinis/Hudson County

Their certification request was denied, with costs, on Sept. 20, according to an order signed by NJ Supreme Court Clerk Heather J. Baker.

As is common in these scenarios, the court did not explain why it decided not to hear the case.

Jersey City PSOA President Andrew LaBruno noted that the NJ Supreme Court sided with the Newark Fraternal Order of Police when challenging whether or not the CCRB could have power. of assignment in August 2020.

He also said having union officials at the table is essential if state lawmakers decide to move this issue forward.

“We REMAIN COMMITTED AND willing to work IN PARTNERSHIP with our government officials and community leaders to FURTHER STRENGTHEN our relationships with Jersey City residents. HOWEVER, we must be part of any external review process or committee that oversees our members in an investigative manner outside of our internal affairs,” he said.

“…Every day, our well-trained police are put under the microscope. Placing them under greater scrutiny by individuals without the expertise, knowledge and experience will only create a greater divide between law enforcement and our communities INSTEAD of building the bridges we have need to work together.

Hudson County Superior Court Judge Christine Vanek dismissed the case in November, when the Jersey City Police Officer Benevolent Association was also part of the lawsuit against the city and city council.

“To be clear, if Assembly Bill 4656 were to become law, the creation of a Civilian Complaints Commission and the appointment of its members will require the passage of an ordinance with all public notices required, multiple readings, council member deliberation then present and voting before being effective,” she wrote at the time.

“Pursuant to the terms of any applicable state law on the matter, based on the stipulation of the city defendants.”

Jersey City Council has approved a resolution put forward by Ward A Councilor Denise Ridley and Ward E Councilor James Solomon on April 15, 2021 supporting the creation of a CCRB once the aforementioned Bill, sponsored by MP Angelica McKnight (D-31), obliterates the full legislature.

Less than two weeks later, a lawsuit was filed by both police unions, claiming that “Jersey City’s resolution suffers from multiple infirmities and should be summarily barred and declared void at law.”

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated with a comment from Jersey City Association of Senior Police Officers President Andrew LaBruno.

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