NJ drivers may soon be able to pump their own gasoline – NBC New York

Big changes could be coming to New Jersey’s gas pumps.

The Garden State remains one of only two states that does not allow drivers to pump their own gasoline, but after seven decades that may soon change.

Since the 1940s, state law has dictated that gas stations provide full service. Now, multiple lawmakers say it’s time to give New Jerseyans the choice, like nearly everyone else in the country, to pump their own gas and emergency stations at the same time.

“They’re hurting, I think they’re hurting and they’re seeing it. Gas prices keep going up, how are you going to balance your business. So we need to make sure we’re there for them,” the MP said. said Annette Chaparro.

New Jersey lawmakers have introduced a bill that would give gas stations the option to finally have self-serve pumps.

“It’s going to save people money, at least 15 cents or more per gallon,” Chaparro said.

Sal Risalvato of the New Jersey Gasoline, Convenience Store and Gas Automotive Association said gas station owners are in the midst of a perfect storm conspiring to find competent employees, which has caused them to change their historical stance on this issue and to lower prices as well. , also ensuring that the self-service option will help customers save time and money.

“I have members who have told me they can lower the price down to 23 cents a gallon, everyone’s labor cost is different,” said Risalvato, executive director of New Jersey. GCA.

The legislation, if passed, would give owners the option to provide self-service by allowing petrol stations to offer full-service fuel, self-service fuel or a combination. The bill would also allow gas stations to offer a discount to customers who pump their own gas and for people with disabilities to have their gas pumped by an attendant at a lower self-serve price if available.

But some drivers around Jersey City say they want to keep things the way they have been for more than 70 years.

“Of course it’s a lot easier for me and everyone else,” said Jersey City resident Evelyn Negrón.

While others say this bill will help gas stations facing staff shortages, Peter Lacrete, who has been pumping gas for six months and earns $13 an hour, fears his job will be in danger.

“A lot of people don’t like pumping their own gasoline, some people say they’re going to smell gasoline and some say in winter it’s too cold,” Lacrete said.

Gas retailers also say New Jersey residents can already pump their own diesel or charge electric vehicles without breaking the law.

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