Perfect Potential Lions Jersey Re-Design Appears On The Internet


Jared Goff puts the ball back in Lions-Vikings in 2021.

The Detroit Lions last changed their jerseys before the 2017 season, and with that came the iteration of the design the team currently has. Most agree that he has served the team well over the past few years.

However, change is always something football people think about. That could come back soon for the team when it comes to even play. People have been thinking of a way to change the uniforms the Lions wear with a nod to the past, present and future and probably the best

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Recently, a new design hit Twitter, and it represented a bit of everything great about Lions jersey designs. It was a nod to the past, present and future. Here’s a look at what Saturn Stylez came up with:

This combo could be a winner for the Lions. Bringing back the 1990s look while sticking to the team’s usual throwback and incorporating a gray design could tick all the boxes for the Lions. If there’s one thing this design is missing for some, it’s black in the color scheme. Some wanted it to come back.

Either way, this design seems to hit all the marks for Lions fans and would be a good thing for the team to consider if they ever make a move.

The Lions could soon change their jersey

The Lions are a team that may undergo a jersey change as soon as specified by the NFL. The league requires teams to keep the same design for five years. Dating back to 2017, that means the Lions can technically explore uniform changes from now on, given they just played the 2021 season.

There’s no indication that the Lions want to change their designs, but it will be something to watch in the future. Detroit last changed their uniforms starting in 2009 and left this design until 2017. Technically, the Lions could have changed around 2013, but chose to let the design stay until after the year 2016.

So far, there’s been no indication the Lions want to move, but if they do, the team comes at a time when something could happen soon. Enough time has passed since their last jersey change for that to be the case.

History of the Lions jersey

One of Detroit’s most popular looks is a classic that’s a nod to their early 1930s uniforms. his departure for a while.

Since then, they wear it at Thanksgiving and also during the “big” home games. As part of the revamp, Detroit also unveiled its all-gray Color Rush uniform, its traditional blue and silver, and a look with white jerseys and silver pants.

The team uniform also features the WCF crest on the shoulder, a nod to longtime former owner William Clay Ford, who died in 2014. Since they were unveiled, many have said that they considered Detroit’s new sons to be some of the best in the NFL. , and the team was rewarded for their font and design overhaul.

Detroit has had a few different looks in the past, the most notable of which is a black jersey that debuted during Matt Millen’s time with the franchise. Many fans didn’t like the look, but vocal advocates of the look still argue that Detroit should bring black back into their color scheme. Players might agree.

A look that the Lions have never had? Red, which was actually a color the team featured back in the days of the Portsmouth Spartans. With the Lions long known as a blue and silver team from Honolulu, a red look could be downright confusing, so don’t expect this one to enter the lexicon anytime soon.

Will the popular looks of the 1990s ever make a comeback? That should be on the table given how good some of these recent internet mockups are.

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