Project Sculpt expands to Jersey City

Project Sculpt, located at 319 Washington Street Floor 2, has been popular in Hoboken since it opened three years ago. With a focus on body transformations and sculpting the body you want, the gym offers boxing, full body classes, core strengthening, individual personal training, and more. Now the fitness studio has announced that it will expand to Jersey City and aims to open as soon as possible this summer. The new location will be located at the corner of 1st and Provost on the first floor of the Public Storage building. Read on for what we know about Project Sculpt’s new location in Jersey City.

^ The new Jersey City Project Sculpt space, currently under renovation

(Photo credits: Project Sculpt)

About the Sculpt Project

Project Sculpt is a training studio that aims to help everyone achieve their body transformation goals. It was co-founded by trainers Chris Almazan and Louis Choi, who worked hard to make fitness and healthy living major parts of their lifestyle. Hoboken is Chris’ hometown, so it was a fitting location for Project Sculpt’s first studio – which opened in 2019. The idea was to create a place where everyone could work to ‘sculpt’ the body they want. ‘He wanted – hence the name ‘Project Sculpt.’ Whether you’re looking for one-on-one training or small group classes, Project Sculpt has you covered.

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Classes range from full body workouts to upper body strengthening, lower body strengthening, resistance/strength training, core training, boxing, and more. There are also private training options.

You can buy a subscription, buy a multi-course package or buy a walk-in class here.

Hours of operation for the Hoboken site are Monday-Friday 6am-9.30pm and Saturday + Sunday 9am-2pm. You can access the Hoboken class schedule here.

Move to Jersey City

After a few successful years in Hoboken, Project Sculpt made the decision to expand to a second location in Jersey City. The new gymnasium plans to open soon this summer and will be located at the corner of 1st and Provost on the first floor of the Public Storage building.

“We’re so proud of the community we’ve built in Hoboken that we thought the time was right to bring that same vibe and energy to Jersey City,” Chris + Louis said. hoboken girl. “Many of our members currently live in Jersey City, so being able to offer them the flexibility made sense. Also, as the population density in Jersey City is much higher than in Hoboken, we wanted to be able to offer more space for residents .

chris louis project sculpture

^ Chris + Louis

(Photo credits: Project Sculpt)

Chris + Louis saw potential for growth in their gym model early on, so expansion has always been heavily on their radar. The team is excited to be able to not only expand their space, but also expand the local community, connecting with their friends + neighbors in Jersey City through fitness classes. They also mentioned that they hope to continue expanding to nearby cities and possibly even across state lines in the near future.

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As for what locals can expect from the new Jersey City location, the PS team is excited to have more physical space to increase class sizes while maintaining the signature boutique feel. “We will also be able to offer more one-on-one training for our customers,” Project Sculpt said. H.G..

“Our goal is to hit the ground on the opener,” added Chris and Louis. “When we opened our first site, we had to take some time to work out the problems, but now, since we have a better idea of ​​what we need to do, we hope to be able to fill the gymnasium quickly. We have always focused on helping clients with body transformations, so we’re excited to help as many clients as possible achieve their fitness goals.

Project Sculpt will join Asana Soul Practice, Pilates Haus, 150 BayFit and CKO, among other area fitness studios.

For more information on this JC location, you can follow Project Sculpt at instagram.

We’re excited about this expansion – and we’ll let you know when it’s officially open. In the meantime, stay tuned with @thehobokengirl on instagram and ICT Tac.

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