Ridgewood couple cancel honeymoon after dog loss in Hoboken

HOBOKEN, NJ – A Ridgewood couple were preparing to honeymoon in Tahiti on Sunday night when – they say – a sitter lost her dog near the Hoboken / Jersey City border and they had to cancel their plans.

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“[We] are heartbroken and still looking for it, ”said Luba, 34, a newlywed, who asked that her last name not be used. “With the temperatures falling, we are afraid it will starve and freeze. He’s only one year old and we’ve had him since he was 2 months old. ”

The family said that according to the sitter, who lives in Jersey City, the dog escaped near the Second Street Light Rail station in Hoboken, near the city’s wooded border with Jersey City.

Luba said: “We are looking for him 18 hours a day, and our friends and my parents have helped. He has been missing for two days now. We don’t live here, but the babysitter does. We must find him terrified and hungry boy. “

The couple’s friend Jaclyn Luberto, who helped them search, said: “The babysitter lost him at 8:30 pm. [Sunday], so they spent every waking moment trying to find him. “

The couple – Luba and her husband Ira, 38 – had planned to catch a flight to the Pacific Island on Monday morning.

Pet care issues

Luba said: “[The sitter’s] the explanation didn’t make sense, honestly. She said he got out of the harness and ran away. He’s never gone out before even when he’s agitated. And I asked why she hadn’t run after him. She said she did. Someone last saw him in Hoboken on his own and was afraid to
10 p.m. November 21. “

Earlier this year, dog lovers in Hudson County desperately searched for a dog named Mac, which the Jersey City-based sitter claimed lost him and then did not respond to messages. The search ended in tragedy and pet owners were furious, saying pet sitting apps need to screen their sitters better. READ MORE: Vigil held in Hoboken for Mac The Jersey City Dog

Luba said they found their babysitter through a website, but it wasn’t the same babysitter who allegedly lost Mac.

Luba added: “We are concerned that he will be sold or someone will take him as theirs or freeze to death. We have called all the police and vets to keep an eye on him, and if anyone ‘one is walking him, it’s not us … to call him the police. “

The couple are hoping someone has seen their pet because of its unusual coloring.

Anyone with information about Presley is encouraged to call 973-224-3631 or the local police. There is a reward.

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