Salisbury tops the men’s hoops in the season opener


SALISBURY, Maryland – The TCNJ men’s basketball team opened the 2021-22 season with a road game in Salisbury on Monday night, and the Sea Gulls outscored the Lions, 73-59, in non-conference action. Danny bodine and Justin Carbone each had a vertex of 17 points, and Anthony DiCaro had 15.

The Lions (0-1) took a 10-point lead with 14:16 left in the first half after a Bodine dunk on the quick break was followed by three pointers from DiCaro and Carbone. This gave the Lions a 17-7 advantage at the start.

Over the next nine minutes, Salisbury fought back to take his own double-digit lead, edging the Lions 23-3 in the streak. TCNJ only scored one basket in over 10 minutes of play, but TCNJ’s early push helped the Lions stay on hand when Salisbury made his run.

Bodine and Carbone each scored late in the half, and TCNJ entered the half-time intermission with just seven delays, 36-29.

The Lions used some of that momentum to move closer to a point early in the second half after DiCaro and Carbone scored three points to take the lead to 40-39 at Salisbury with 16:29 left in regulation. . The Lions just couldn’t get over the bump and regain the lead, however.

Salisbury responded to the push with a 17-0 streak that extended for more than seven minutes midway through the second half. This race effectively ended the Lions’ hopes of a comeback.

Jim Clement had 12 rebounds to pace the Lions on the glass. TCNJ also intervened on 14 of its 18 buckets. DiCaro led the way with a record six assists.

TCNJ returns to action Friday at home against Saint Elizabeth at 5 p.m. in the first round of the TCNJ Tipoff tournament.

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