‘Shark Tank’ Lori Greiner Makes Deal For Cat Amazing By Fort Lee Man

A Fort Lee entrepreneur was able to strike a deal with a “shark” for his product designed to amuse bored cats.

Andrey Grigoryev, a lover of cats and cat puns, appeared Friday night on season 13 of ABC’s “Shark Tank” asking for $200,000 for a 10% stake in his company, Cat Amazing.

Grigoryev created a cat toy and puzzle feeder in 2011 after noticing his cat, Mooky, was getting bored with his toys. The inspiration came when he saw Mooky trying to take a ball out of a piece of furniture.

He told “sharks” Mark Cuban, Robert Herjavec, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner and Daymond John that he started making cardboard cat mazes and made it a hobby/business.

The interactive puzzle feeder comes in various sizes and price ranges ranging from $16 to $35. The cardboard box has strategic cutouts for cats to poke to retrieve the treats inside.

The product activates natural instincts and benefits cats by slowing their eating, Grigoryev said.

He told the Sharks that he immigrated to America from Russia when he was 8 years old. Since he didn’t speak the language, he made his “deepest friendships” with his pets rather than other children.

After 2017, Grigoryev said, he left behind a six-figure salary to commit to the business full-time. “My parents didn’t bring me here to miss the opportunity,” he told potential investors.

In 2017, its sales were $34,000. They have increased to $720,000 in 2021.

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“Shark Tank” negotiations

In “Shark Tank”, the sharks, or investors, negotiate with entrepreneurs to invest in their businesses. Grigoryev received offers from Herjavec, O’Leary, Greiner and John. Cuban declined to make an offer.

Herjavec and O’Leary both offered the $200,000 in exchange for $2 per unit until they recouped their investment, and $1 per unit afterwards.

John offered $200,000 for a 25% stake. Grigoryev then admitted to Sharks that he had promised Mooky that he would help shelter cats and that he wanted to hire a percentage of the company to keep his promise.

Fort Lee entrepreneur Andrey Grigoryev closed a deal on ABC's Shark Tank Friday night for his business, Cat Amazing.

After the counter offers, John landed $200,000 for 25%, with 5% of his share going to cat shelters and Grigoryev matching 5% to the cause.

Greiner then came in to bid $200,000 for 22% of the company and eventually agreed to donate 5% of her stake to cat shelters, which Grigoryev would match her shares.

Grigoryev took the case with Greiner. He admitted on camera that he entered the Shark Tank hoping to make a deal with Greiner.

the Amazing Cat Website says it’s sold out of product, stating “Sharks, you cleaned us up,” but pre-orders are available with a May ship date. There is a 10% discount in honor of the deal.

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