Skatepark decision expected this week

If approved, the Quennevais playgrounds skatepark would be created on the land pictured above

The proposal, which will be considered by the planning committee at its monthly meeting this week, includes 2,000 m² of surface area “to meet all user preferences and capabilities”, as well as a bowl, rails, benches, ledges and platforms. A second skatepark is also planned for the Jardins de La Collette.

The town planner’s report on the Les Quennevais project indicates that there were 283 public comments on the project – 263 in favor and 20 against.

He added that the facility would be monitored by CCTV, lit and two nearby changing rooms would be converted into public toilets, and an adjoining community space created.

The report said: “The proposal would provide an inclusive sports facility that would provide a valuable and inclusive community resource for the island for people of all ages. The program was subject to pre-application discussions prior to submission and, after submission, design reviews and additional information were submitted and a new public consultation was undertaken.

He adds: “The program has been evaluated in terms of design, noise, light emissions, ecology, welfare, safety, soil condition, access and amenity, and has been found acceptable in all respects. “

The file was submitted by the Department of Infrastructures, Housing and the Environment

In January 2018, an existing facility for skaters, skaters, cyclists and cyclists on the New North Quay was closed by the owners of the site, Ports of Jersey, after young people were caught throwing blocks concrete and bikes in the adjacent St Helier Marina and climb to the roof of the Maritime Museum. Seven years earlier, a video appeared online of a young islander jumping from the skatepark fence onto the top of a moving articulated truck as it exited the old Ferryspeed depot. Ports of Jersey reopened the park soon after, pending the creation of a new facility elsewhere, and put £ 500,000 forward for its development.

It was originally hoped that a new park could be put in place by fall 2019, but the completion date has been pushed back several times, with a request for Les Quennevais finally being submitted in February in the part of the government’s new £ 1.2million skatepark project.

Earlier this year, Senator Steve Pallett, who previously held political responsibility for sport, said he was looking for an additional £ 1million to invest in existing facilities in St Ouen and St John, in the east of the island and other ‘satellite’ facilities in and around St Helier.

Meanwhile, a plan to turn two disused netball fields next to the FB Fields athletic track pavilion into two five-a-side football fields is also to be submitted to the planning committee. The candidacy was submitted by footballer Muratti James Scott of JS Fives.

However, town planners recommended that these plans be refused, saying the change would constitute “densification” of the site and put increased pressure on parking spaces.

The planning meeting is scheduled for Thursday at 9:30 am at the St Paul Center. Members of the public are invited to attend.

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