Swimsuit pride on the inside … or are you a swimsuit swimmer?


My friend is a pinball machine from New Jersey … someone who is from here and looks at us a little.

I had an interesting conversation yesterday that I wanted to bring to you. It was the pride of the hometown. I was telling my friend that I wrote that New Jersey was ranked the # 1 place to live in America and she laughed. She asked me if I really believed it and I said defensively “sure” and she laughed again. I got mad, changed my shirt, and texted him ASAP.

OK, she’s from here and migrated elsewhere … maybe she left with a bad taste in her mouth. New Jersey is not without its problems, but I maintain it. Someone once told me that a lot of people can leave home as adults, but you’ll almost always want what you knew as a kid because that was your norm. I believe him.

I lived in Florida, Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Pennsylvania and they were all great BUT I wanted to be in a place where the seasons changed, where people talked and walked fast and thought so big. I also wanted to live in a place where I could eat real pizza. Yes I am at home and I am happy with it and yes I will defend it. They make these shirts for a reason, we feel we have to stand up for ourselves but why?

As far as hometown pride goes, in my experience people are passionate here anyway. I’ve lived in places they don’t care, they live right there but in Jersey we identify with where we live. However, if we are fed up with Jersey, we to return to above. It seems there is nothing in the middle. Would you accept?

Why do you think we have such strong opinions about the experience of living in our state? Do Jersey fins offend you? Are you a Jersey pinball machine? I want to know what you think about it and if you are a pinball machine I want to know why. We would love to share your thoughts on the morning show! Send me your position [email protected]

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