Swirl in the sun! New Jersey man invents swivel beach chair to maximize beach fun


Some of the best inventions can be solutions to problems people didn’t even know they had.

Six years ago on a crowded Belmar beach one summer day, Joe Block noticed that the world was missing something.

“Everyone lifted their chairs to face the sun,” he said.

It was then that the flash of inspiration hit Block.

“I’m like, beach chair, they have to swivel, just like bar stools,” he says.

And now, thanks to a 52-year-old postman, the beach chairs swivel. Block is the inventor of the Orbit beach chair. It is the only beach chair in the market where the keeper can turn.

“There is nothing like it. Patented utility. Trademark, everything, ”says Block.

The Roosevelt Borough resident says he made about 1,000 chairs.

“Great for keeping an eye on your kids,” he says.

The chair is also great for a Jersey Shore hobby – people watching. The chair allows anyone to discreetly turn around to observe many characters that can be encountered at the beach.

Block has had previous inventions that didn’t work, like a lighter with a colorful flame, women’s shoes that go from high heels to pumps. But he says after five years of design and manufacture, the Orbit Beach chair is a winner.

Block even invested his late father’s inheritance to develop it.

“I still think about him every day,” Block says.

Block’s mother and sister were recruited as partners.

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