The best bread in NJ comes from this famous store, according to the national site

One of New Jersey’s most acclaimed bakeries has won another honor.

bread and saltRick Easton’s bakery in the heights of Jersey City — known for its pizzas and pastries — has been named the best bread in New Jersey by Food & Wine.

Here’s what Food & Wine had to say about the Hudson County store:

Besides the breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline, the next best advertisement for the Heights section of Jersey City right now would easily be Rick Easton’s Bread and Salt. Not only is it one of Food & Wine’s favorite places for pizza in New York, even though it’s in New Jersey, but it’s also the place to go when you want a loaf of bread. really serious Italian style, here actually referred to as “regular bread”, because Bread & Salt is exactly that kind of place, doing an exemplary job, without much fanfare, other than the attention it goes on to entertain starving New York food writers. Initially a big hit in Pittsburgh, Easton’s plan was to move the bakery to Brooklyn; he went this far, then stopped. What luck for Jersey City. One of the things you learn, walking this side of the river, is how much of the work that New York is known for is actually done here. Have you ever wondered, for example, how Boulangerie Balthazar made all that pastry? They certainly don’t in SoHo – at the busy Englewood police station, a few minutes west of the George Washington Bridge, locals line up for a wider selection of some of Manhattan’s best breads, which are sourced in made in New Jersey.

Easton opened Bread and Salt in 2019 and quickly received a rave review from The New York Times. Its square-cut, Roman-style pizza helped make Jersey City the pizza capital of New Jersey, and was part of the reason Food & Wine named New Jersey the best pizza state in the United States. United States.

Bread and Salt is currently only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, offering take-out Italian specialties like pizzas, pastries, coffee, sandwiches and more. Its bomboloni, small donuts filled with puff pastry, are particularly appreciated. The crusty loaves of Italian bread that Easton bakes can be smelled across the block. All of their items sell out regularly, so be sure to get to the store early.

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