The Full Ja’Marr Chase Experience Has Arrived: Bengals Rookie Stock Report

These young Bengals are nothing like the ones who came before them.

Overthrowing the best of the AFC Kansas City Chiefs and winning an AFC North title is a big accomplishment. To do so by thriving under pressure and hanging around for most of the afternoon is even more impressive.

But it’s true, these guys don’t fall back like the Cincinnati teams of the past. The coldest of all is obviously Joe Burrow, but his rookie catcher has to be right behind.

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In the declaration games of all the declaration games, Ja’Marr Chase made his own with a permanent sharpie and all caps.

Against a defense that placed in the top four for the EPA / allowed recoil and allowed recoil success rate in an eight-game winning streak, Chase had the best statistical performance for a wide receiver. the history of the Bengals. This is not hyperbole.

12 targets. 11 takes. 266 meters. Three touchdowns.

266 yards is six more than Chad Johnson’s 15-year record for most yards in a game. Although he missed two receptions to tie Carl Pickens’ 23-year-old record and a touchdown to tie Marvin Jones’s eight-year record, the scale of the game and Chase’s overall dominance should give him the edge in the tradition of franchising.

The touchdowns have all been spectacular, but Chase has done a lot outside of the 18 points he scored on the scoreboard. Take this clip from the latest Football Outsiders movie quick read article:

Chase was at his best when the Bengals needed him most. He was targeted six times on the third downs and got four conversions: both DPI, that 69-yard score and a 30-yard gain in the third and 27 with the game tied in the fourth quarter. This miraculous conversion kept Cincinnati’s winning run alive and helped ensure Patrick Mahomes would never get the ball back with a chance to win. By Statheadit was the longest third or fourth down conversion of the season (excluding Cleveland’s insignificant side play late in the half against Pittsburgh in Week 8).

Add all that up and you have 128 DYAR, comfortably the best of the year. In fact, it’s on our list of the 20 best wide receiver sets ever, coming in at # 10 – and it drops to # 8 if you ignore urgent data.

Considering the playing situation, the opposition and the replacement level value in the position, Chase had the best receiving performance of the season. The eye test could have told you that too. Whether it’s fitting screens to perfection, owning the sidelines with snags on the back of the shoulder, or just running away from someone in a white jersey, Chase has it all. There is something significant to be learned from this from a macroscopic perspective.

Chase burst onto the scene in September as an immediate deep threat, and most of his production came from his ability to generate split on deep targets. Once the teams started plotting against these games, Cincinnati had to start adjusting to get around that.

This led to Chase being used more often in the slot machine. From Weeks 1 to 15, his target percentage in the lunge was 12.2% (12 targets), and he turned it into 152 yards and one in 10 touchdowns. Over the past two weeks, his target slot percentage was 23.8% (five targets), and 134 yards and one in five catches ensued.

He’s also been more productive when the plan relies on him to beat the cornerbacks at the catch point. His contested catch rate jumped nearly 10 percentage points to 34% in that game alone.

Moving Chase has given him more opportunities to showcase all of his skills. Those increased opportunities combined with general experience allowed Chase to become the all-around receiver the Bengals drafted him. He’s doing it all now, and he just might be clash-proof for now. This had not been the case for the past two months.

Whether that happened against the Chiefs and their admittedly outperforming cornerbacks is one thing. Chase had almost overtaken Tee Higgins over the past month and a half. Some even said that Higgins deserved the Pro Bowl nod that Chase deserved. Sunday showed how special he has been this season.

In 16 games, Chase has 1,429 yards, 13 touchdowns and 79 receptions on 119 targets. He shouted in front of former teammate Justin Jefferson on Sunday to claim the rookie record for most receiving yards, en route to post back-to-back 100-yard games for the first time in his career. This fact also surprised me given its stellar season.

These are the numbers that populate not only the Pro Bowls, but the All-Pro rosters. Chase worked his way into this conversation by beating the Chiefs at their own game. His stock has never been higher, and it’s hard to see him climb any higher.

Stagnant stock

Against the Denver Broncos, Jackson carman proved how effective he was coming off the bench to guard. He had another chance on Sunday with Quinton Spain’s sprained ankle just before half-time. Things were a little more muddy this time around.

Carman played a fairly clean third quarter. The next period was when the problems started to occur. A false start on the fourth play of the quarter was immediately followed by quick pressure given to All-Pro Chris Jones the very next play. Carman then buried Jones on the turf on the play after that.

In the last practice, Jones rushed Carman into Joe Burrow’s left knee just after Burrow pulled the ball out of his hands. Jones would beat Carman and Trey Hopkins a few games later to sack Burrow, which would eventually set up the miraculous moment of the third and 27.

The offense was trying to hit the ball close to the goal line, and this was where Carman was most consistent. He had a great run-blocking performance and was the Bengals second lineman by Pro Football Focus in that regard. But another critical flag from Carman would cost them almost dearly as he held the first of two fourth downs held at the gate in the end zone. The penalty was offset by a defensive appeal on the Chiefs, who were then grabbed on the second fourth down attempt, and the rest was history.

Carman is likely the favorite to start on the left as Spain recovers from his ankle injury and COVID-19. Our own Zim, who got good information about Logan Wilson’s injury a few weeks ago, seems to think Spain will be good for the qualifiers.

If so, Carman might just get Week 18 against the Cleveland browns game to gain more reps and experience. Do not exclude Xavier Su’a-Filo or By Ante Smith or if no runner plays at all.

Evan mcpherson had the easiest game of his life. His 20-yarder sent the Bengals to the playoffs for the first time in six years. That it was such a short distance maybe was better news than we thought.

McPherson told media on Monday he was suffering from a minor injury. Zac Taylor described it as “the seal”, which raises an interesting hypothesis. How far away should McPherson have been to win the game? He scored 46 yards earlier in the game and didn’t seem too embarrassed to score extra points. There were also some kick-offs that were shorter than usual. This was either on purpose or an indication that he couldn’t hit full force as the match progressed.

McPherson said the problem is not serious and he can play to the end. If not, maybe Elliott Fry, the kicker the team added to the practice squad, will kick McPherson against the Browns.

In the last three games Chris evans has played since returning from injury, he has played a total of 11 offensive snaps. He just played snaps on Sunday. When offense can present their starting five pass catchers so eloquently, Evans’ role doesn’t become necessary until it needs to be. Trey Hill got his usual work block for field goals.

Did not play

  • Cam example (injured)
  • Tyler shelvin (inactive)
  • By Ante Smith (inactive)

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