Turkey unveils Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic sportswear, designed by Bünyamin Aydın


Turkish Ministry of Youth and Sports assigns Nike and Creative Director Les Benjamins to design the Turkish team’s sportswear for Tokyo 2020

Sport and fashion go hand in hand, don’t they? Well, athletes from many countries are gearing up for Tokyo 2020 next month and Turkey is ready to send its Olympic and Paralympic athletes to the great Japanese metropolis in style. Bünyamin Aydın, Creative Director and Founder of the famous Turkish brand Les Benjamins, designed unique logo designs and a special monogram for the official sportswear of his country’s athletes for Tokyo and he couldn’t be happier or more patriotic. .

“It all started in 2019 when Nike and the Ministry of Youth and Sports contacted me and asked me to design the looks for Tokyo 2020 and I was really shocked because Tokyo is one of my cities. favorites, and Nike supported me. since day one ”, beams Aydın. “It was an incredible feeling.”

Yesterday evening, the different looks were unveiled during a presentation in the city of two continents, in Istanbul, during a presentation show held at the Esma Sultan mansion, attended by dignitaries such as Mehmet KasapoÄŸlu, Minister of Youth and Sports.

Made from Nike jersey uniforms, Aydın paid special attention to every detail. And with a predominantly red and white color scheme, with a few navy looks, members of the Olympic and Paralympic teams sported their uniforms on a platform stage. Aydın through a video presentation told his story of incorporating his Turkish heritage into the creation of the logo.

“The journey started by going back to my heritage. With my own brand Les Benjamins, I have always been inspired by rugs and carpets and their heritage, not just in Turkey but all over the world. But, while designing for Turkey, I had to focus on Anatolian rugs, which come from this country. I went to the city where they create Anatolian rugs, and I was with the villagers there and they told me how they do the craftsmanship behind the creation of their rugs. It helped me design and inspire me more. I also wanted to create a dress language with the designs. I wanted to give young people in Turkey the concept of creating something of their own, and be inspired by what I did because we don’t have a lot of world stories. So that they see what I do, they are motivated to create their own brands. I think it’s kind of a responsibility.

For each of the Anatolian-inspired carpet symbols, Aydın gave them meaning: unity, diversity, creativity and authenticity all of which go back to Turkish roots, but using its own design language. “I want to pass this on to the next generation. And when you put them all together, it’s Turkey. These four pillars are recognized in sportswear, from accessories to hats, shorts, tracksuits, windbreakers, zipper tops, polo shirts and shirts.

Aydın launched Les Benjamins in 2011 as a streetwear brand, since then it has seen success in Turkey and the Middle East, with expansion plans that will be rolled out further in the United States over the next two years. , although the brand is doing well in Miami. His wife Lamia heads the creative wing of women’s fashion. During the pandemic, sales of men’s and women’s clothing soared as athleisure was the dress of choice for millions of people working from home.

The Olympics will start on July 23 and last until August 8e, and the Paralympic Games will start on August 25 and run until September 5e.

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