Two medical marijuana dispensaries in Hoboken set to open in 2022

Two medical marijuana dispensaries are slated to open within the next six months in Hoboken, about a block from each other.

Both the Terrapin Care Station and Harmony Dispensaries have now cleared nearly all city and state approval requirements to open, and their owners have said they will welcome patient patients soon.

Harmony, scheduled to open in the spring would be Hoboken’s very first dispensary. Terrapin was one of 30 companies to receive state approval, its latest major hurdle, last week. The company said it plans to open the site in about six months.

“We are excited to move forward with plans to bring essential cannabis-based drugs to New Jersey patients,” Terrapin owner and CEO Chris Woods said in a press release. “We thank our partners in the Hoboken community for patiently supporting us with open arms. “

Terrapin’s storefront will be at 86 River St. and Harmony will be about a block west at 95 Hudson St.

Terrapin, based in Boulder, Colorado, was founded in 2009 and has since expanded to Pennsylvania, Missouri, Michigan and now New Jersey. It has growth facilities in each of the other four states.

Harmony Foundation, meanwhile, has another location, in Secaucus. He plans to open a new grow site in Lafayette soon and will open a dispensary on Coles Street in Jersey City around the same time as his Hoboken site.

Terrapin had previously sued Harmony and the Hoboken Planning Board, arguing that he had bypassed the Hoboken Medical Cannabis Review Board for approval. In March, the Hudson County Superior Court ruled that Harmony could proceed as planned as long as it received City Council approval to review the marijuana before it opened.

He got that approval soon after.

With the upcoming opening of three new locations, Shaya Brodchanel, CEO of the Harmony Foundation, said, “I feel very excited. “

“I think it’s good timing,” said Brodchanel. “Currently the medical market has dipped slightly and has slowed down due to what is available in the illicit market, so I think once these additional facilities open up, it will increase access, lower prices and be very beneficial. for patients.

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