Upcoming development at the Hoboken / Jersey City border: “The Boundary”


HOBOKEN, NJ – The growing area of ​​Hoboken near the Jersey City border will expand further now that the Hoboken Zoning Board of Adjustment approved a final site plan at the end of last month for “The border.”

Boundary’s 500,000 square feet will include at least 192 housing units, a park above a parking structure, commercial and medical offices, retail and restaurants.

The Zoning Council vote on September 28 was the final approval that the owner JDA SARL Group needed to begin the proposed two-acre development.

It will expand the site of the Mission 50 Coworking building (formerly known as Hoboken Business Center) at 50 Harrison St., a few blocks from Second Street Light Rail station.

“Southwest Hoboken can now reach its potential, evolving from its industrial roots into a highly positioned residential and commercial district that will thrive,” said Greg Dell’Aquila, CEO of JDA Group. “At the height of its manufacturing and warehousing in the 1960s, southwest Hoboken was a very dynamic region.

Dell’Aquila added, “Our evolution for the community will not only bring back families as residents, but also businesses that will transform Southeast Hoboken. It will become a medical campus, an office center and a community with high level equipment.

Remove the “barriers” separating the area

The Boundary Project – with addresses at 2 Hoboken Ave. in Jersey City and 50 Harrison St. in Hoboken – is near several Hoboken entrances, a company spokesperson noted. But there are “barriers” separating the neighborhood from the rest of the neighborhoods.

“Its geographic boundaries and physical barriers – from train lines to busy arteries – effectively separate the neighborhood from the Hoboken Street grid,” a press release noted, adding that the barriers “limit pedestrian traffic and prevent the neighborhood. to establish a strong identity. To solve this problem, The Boundary will establish a through street to connect it to the Hoboken road network. ”

Vision for the neighborhood

“Our vision for The Boundary is to be the heart of the neighborhood, creating a pedestrian environment with adjacent and integrated parks, must-have retail spaces, doctor’s offices,
corporate and corporate workspaces and other community needs, ”said Dell’Aquila. “We create a sense of belonging that complements the entire surrounding neighborhood, Hoboken and Jersey City.

Boundary’s design embraces a “vertical neighborhood” concept to maximize the potential of the site. In addition to a new medical office, The Boundary will introduce approximately 40,000 square feet of destination retail space that will bring restaurants, shops, grocery stores and entertainment concepts to a neighborhood with shopping and shopping options. limited catering.

Jersey City segment already approved

Jersey City has granted final site plan approval for 192 market-priced apartments at 2 Hoboken Ave. in 2020. The new 13-story glass-fronted building will feature nine residential floors over four floors of structured parking, plus 11,500 square feet of retail.

Water retention and park on the roof

The boundary includes curbstops to manage rainwater and water retention systems under the street.

The boundary will also include landscaped roofs.

And there will be a first: an elevated green park atop the proposed parking structure.

Improved streets and sidewalks will make the area more accessible and attractive to pedestrians and cyclists, the statement said.

JDA Group has partnered with award-winning companies including Erdy McHenry Architecture, landscape architect Meadow on the roofs, and marketing agency QuallsBenson, to establish the plan for The Boundary.

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