What traits will Matt McMahon look for in LSU basketball assistant coaches?

Since taking the job earlier this week, Matt McMahon’s phone has been inundated with text messages and phone calls.

Many have been congratulations, but many have come from fellow coaches interested in joining the program. It was an interesting confident statement to make with some of the impending violations the program could face from the NCAA.

But McMahon is here to win, which he has done at every level in his career. While the priority has been pitching his vision to the current players on the roster, some of that ground will have to be that will help develop them and those decisions should come fairly quickly.

“Everybody wants to come to LSU. Like I said, it’s one of the best places in all of college sports. I’m going to bring together the best people, not necessarily because of the name on the front of their jersey. , “said McMahon. “I’m going to have transformative people on my staff who will impact our young people.”

McMahon will need to find coaches who share his vision of how the program works but also who can recruit under difficult circumstances early on. It might be a tough sell for some, but as McMahon said in his pressing intro, the appeal coming to LSU because of its brand and history is appealing not only to young athletes, but also to young coaches looking to move up the university ladder.

One of the criteria could be to recruit one or two assistant coaches with experience recruiting at this level. McMahon has always been able to find gems during the recruiting process, but LSU will have to compete for highly touted prospects and having someone who cut their teeth in SEC or other Power 5 programs would be a huge asset to the staff.

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There is now a long-term stability within this program, something that was simply impossible to trust for the past three years. There is also a hungry young coach who is highly respected across the country who hopes to positively influence a program at the Power 5 level.

“So I’m going to have great people in our organization who are going to invest in our players and help them maximize their opportunities here at LSU,” McMahon said. “To get a world-class education, play in the best league in America, and compete at the highest level.”

This is going to be a process and not one that will happen overnight. Filling a stick is just one of the boxes McMahon will need to tick. The Tigers will also have another week to get on the field for McMahon to make his introductions and see what the program will look like if that’s the path he chooses.

“Every coach comes to these press conferences and says we’re going to win national championships, we’re going to win. Everybody wants to win. It’s about how you do it on a daily basis,” McMahon said. .

“We’ve been developing pros in the NBA, G-League, Euroleague for many years, and we’re going to recruit the best here at LSU.”

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