Woman (38) jailed after stabbing man

Lisa Michelle Vieira De Sousa Photo: State Police (32248618)

Lisa Michelle Vieira De Sousa was already on probation for robbing the victim’s apartment when she attacked him with the 12 inch blade on April 26.

The top issue of the Royal Court, which deals with the most serious offenses, learned that De Sousa had a history of violence and had been drinking heavily when she visited the man’s home in St Helier on the night in question .

Prosecuting Attorney General Mark Temple said the woman and victim had an argument, and during the argument she picked up the kitchen knife and stabbed him in the lower back, with enough forcefully so that the blade penetrates his sweatshirt and T-shirt.

The victim called an ambulance at 9:20 p.m. and then called her mother, who contacted the police.

Mr Temple said: “The police found him in the doorway, lying on the ground. He was still conscious.

De Sousa was still in the apartment and acted aggressively towards the police, the court heard. Officers used a Taser to subdue her before arresting her on suspicion of attempted murder.

She was then formally charged with aggravated and criminal assault, but denied, saying in an interview: “I was not the one who stabbed him.”

The victim was treated in intensive care and had to be placed in an artificial coma. He stayed in the hospital for two weeks. The attorney general said: “It exacerbated his depression. He suffers from anxiety when around other people.

“He’s on pain and nerve damage medication and had to quit his job.”

He added that De Sousa had 44 previous convictions, including two for assaulting the same victim. He said that at the time of the stabbing, she was on probation for illegally entering and stealing from her home. She had served 45 hours of a 180-hour community service order.

Regarding the serious and criminal assault, he added: “She pleaded guilty but not at the first opportunity. She is at high risk of being convicted again in the next 12 months. ‘

He recommended a sentence of 4.5 years for aggravated and criminal assault and an additional nine months for violating the probation order, making a total of five years and three months.

Defense lawyer Sarah Dale said De Sousa accepted that a prison sentence was inevitable, but asked for a shorter sentence.

She argued that De Sousa only intended to intimidate the victim with the knife and said: “There was no intention at that time to use it to cause physical harm.

“Miss De Sousa is deeply shocked by what she has done. She has a lot of remorse.

She added, “She knows that alcohol makes her a whole different person. She is trying to get out of her alcohol addiction.

Delivering the court’s sentence, Deputy Bailiff Robert MacRae, President, said: “We consider this to be unprovoked assault. This offense, and indeed any offense involving a knife, is so serious that only custody can be justified.

She was sentenced to four years for the aggravated and criminal assault and nine months for violating her probation order, the terms to be executed consecutively.

She also received a restraining order, preventing her from having any contact with the victim for five years.

Jurats Elizabeth Dulake, Kim Averty and Andrew Cornish were seated.

After the conviction, Detective Constable Jeremy Percival said, “The victim suffered tremendously as a result of this attack and continues to receive continued support. I congratulate him for standing firm in his position for justice to be done.

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